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Laser-Cut Appliqué Hints

1. Your pre-fused laser cut appliqué shapes may have discolored edges on the paper backing. Do not worry about this—the fabric shape is fine.

2. If needed, remove any connecting “bridges.” These are small sections of fabric (some as thin as only a few threads) that hold several pieces together so that they don’t get lost. These are not on all appliqué shapes; only ones with several parts.

3. If the appliqué shape was folded, DO NOT remove the paper backing yet. Simply unfold and gently press the shape flat with a low temperature (no steam).

4. When you are ready to place the applique onto your project, remove the paper backing and position it where desired. Press in place with a dry, hot iron when doing this step.

5. If a section fails to fuse, use a tiny amount of fabric glue to hold it in place before stitching.